Recent Advancements
Purple Flower

Advancements in Technology

  • Hydro cooling pads and energy efficient fans installed to greatly reduce the summer cooling energy requirements of the greenhouses.
  • The lighting system in the growth chambers of the tissue culture laboratory were changed to electronic ballasts. This reduced energy requirements and heat load from the lights.
  • In floor heat was installed in all greenhouses. Our goal is to provide the correct temperature at plant height while reducing heat loss out the tops of the greenhouses
  • An energy shade curtain system reduces heat/cooling requirements even more within our greenhouses.
  • The most effective insulation has been used in the greenhouse while also exploring and implementing new technologies like foil/bubble bubble/foil.
  • SSF has been permitted by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality for the collection and use of waste oil. Waste oil generated by neighbors and the local school system is consumed in approved waste oil burners. Heat produced from this waste oil reduces SSF fossil fuel dependency.
  • Use advancements in technology on equipment, like GPS.
  • Use of IPM (Integrated Pest Management) For Greenhouse and Farm.
  • Over 2,000 trees planted for windbreaks and wildlife food.
  • Native grass planted on erodible ground, as well as food plots for wildlife use.
  • Water retention basins utilized
  • Creation of new tissue culture plant production area including new isolated cutting and growing areas.
  • Installation of Ozone Generator for use with all fluids used in production as well as all storage areas. This project included monitoring devices for worker safety.
  • Use of a new grow cube for starting plants which removed the skin irritant to the staff in previous cubes.
  • Installation of variable frequency drives on exhaust fans which reduced energy requirements and provided better control of the greenhouse temperatures.
  • Established a recycle program to recycle all plastic and cardboard and started composting plant material.